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News and Story Ideas


"Richard Salva is delightful, informative, and absolutely inspiring. . . . One of the most enjoyable interviews I have done in ten years!"—Nancy Lee, Author, Intuitive Psychotherapist, Radio Journalist, Host and Producer of "Lights On with Nancy Lee", www.nancylee.net

"I found Richard's demeanor to be one of comfort and peace. As we were on the show I was totally engaged in his wisdom, personality and energy. What an enjoyable guest and what a great show we had!"—Rebecca Jernigan, Host of Journeys with Rebecca Radio Show, www.journeyswithrebecca.com


The following are suggestions for story ideas. Richard Salva can speak expertly on anything to do with reincarnation, yoga, meditation, and the practical application of spiritual teachings. Please contact us with specific requests.

Is Barack Obama the Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln?: All across America, people are observing the beginning of the Obama administration and the ideological likenesses between Obama and Abraham Lincoln. Is there a past-life connection between the two men? As author of The Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln, Richard Salva can speak directly about this subject.

What Is the Best Way to Celebrate Lincoln's 200th Birthday?: Lincoln's bicentennial took place Feb. 12, 2009. Many American's are celebrating the anniversary of this great man; but what is the best way to honor Lincoln? Richard Salva, founder of the Be Like Lincoln society, says it is by emulating Lincoln, and gives some practical means for doing just that.

Did Lincoln Come Back as Lindbergh?: A great world teacher and spiritual leader made a surprising statement: that the Great Emancipator returned as the Great Aviator: Charles Lindbergh. Sounds unlikely? Author and reincarnation expert Richard Salva studied their histories and uncovered nearly 500 astonishing connections between the two men!

Lindbergh's Ghosts: The Spirits that Invaded The Spirit of St. Louis: We learned in school that Charles Lindbergh flew solo across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927; but few of us are aware of the amazing metaphysical experiences Lindbergh had during his famous flight: ghosts, astral projection, and spherical vision. Yoga expert Richard Salva has deeply studied and written about this subject--he will relate to your audience the astonishing untold story about a historic achievement.

The Yoga of Abraham Lincoln: We chuckle when we picture President Lincoln seated in the Lotus Pose or crushing his stovepipe hat while assuming the Head Stand. Yet, you may be surprised to learn that Lincoln shared many traits and practices in common with Himalayan yogis. One great sage said Lincoln had been a yogi in a past life. Can this be true? Yes, author Richard Salva answers, and he can explain why.


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