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Questions to Ask     

Questions to ask Richard Salva:

1.    Where did you get the idea for The Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln?

2.    Did anything unusual happen while you were researching this book?

3.    President Barack Obama also shares a great deal in common with Abraham Lincoln.
Some people wonder whether he is Lincoln reincarnated. What do you think?

4.    What did writing your book
teach you about reincarnation?

5.    What evidence did you find that Abraham Lincoln’s spirit survived his assassination?

6.    How many similarities and connections did you find between Lincoln and Lindbergh?

7.    You say that your book “offers a vicarious experience of reincarnation.” What do you mean by that?

8.    What is karma? And did you see any evidence of it while comparing the lives of Lincoln and Lindbergh?

9.    Did Lincoln and Lindbergh marry the same woman?

10.   If the premise of your book is true, then why did Lincoln reincarnate as Lindbergh?

11.   Yogananda said that Lincoln had been an advanced Himalayan yogi in a past life. Are there any signs of that in the lives of Lincoln and Lindbergh?

12.   What does your book have to say about Lindbergh’s mystical experiences during his historic flight to Paris and their connections with the deeper teachings of yoga?

13.   Are there any correlations between the famous Lindbergh kidnapping and the life of Lincoln?

14.   You wrote that "Lindbergh was Lincoln on vacation." What do you mean by that?

15.   Is your book a “proof” of reincarnation?


To hear a sample interview with Richard Salva, click here


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